Week 1 of #Write52

Taking up the #Write52 challenge. Here’s my first post.

Just a bunch of rhyming words put together.

Reading between the lines

Reading between the lines,
I do not do well,
Reading between the lines,
I’m sometimes overwhelmed.

A hug, a caress,
A slap or a slander to find;
Is difficult, when words and their meanings do not bind.

I can’t blame you, or myself;
we’ve been instructed
to always be indirect.

Be polite, even if you are fuming inside;
Put up a smile, even if you are hurting alongside.

“Appearances matter”, is what our elders say,
bottle up all your emotions,
and let them stay that way.

But here I’d like to add,
The person in question matters as much as you;
They feel feelings, just the way you do.

So be direct in your thoughts, words and actions,
but be prepared to get back what you give —
in an equal or unequal measure.

Copyright © 2020 Pavitra Baxi