Thoughts are promiscuous

As writers, we are told to always write our thoughts down. We take them for granted and prioritize work, home and children; knowing fully well how difficult those thoughts (good ones and bad ones) are to come by. Frustrated by their fickleness, I wrote a poem.

Thoughts are promiscuous,
never loyal to you.
Falsely believing you own them,
will do more harm than good.

Like seductive butterflies
they want all our attention,
but only for a split-second;
they have better things to do.

False promises they will give you;
of residing in your head.
Don’t be fooled,
they’ll be gone,
leaving you in dread.

So, how do you get them,
to be all yours?
Write them down,
whenever and wherever you can.

Use your phones,
Carry a book and a pen.
Post-its work well too,
Or use tissue papers instead.

Sane ones, insane ones,
Grab them all,
We need them to master our craft —
to get our point across.

© 2020 Pavitra Baxi