Wound up in your words

We all know, great content is important to attract your target audience. You might use the best of fonts, liveliest of colors and the most dazzling of images, but if your content is lackluster, your audience will not be impressed. Same is true for the way we articulate, the words we use and how we speak.

Our words glamorize us. You must have experienced it too — you gravitate easily towards people who have a command over their language. I’ll even go a step further and add that an ordinary-looking person, who articulates well, starts appearing prettier/handsomer to us.

So along with your skin, rejuvenate your brain cells too. Read more, write even more and create your world of words — there will always be someone waiting to be impressed.

Not your smile,
nor your seductive eyes;
darlin’ I’m wound up
in your words.

More than the perfume you wear,
Or the fragrance in your hair,
darlin’ I’m wound up
in your words.

Your crazy observations
and their articulations,
Make my heart skip a beat
Your words —
they are such a treat.

In a world lacking originality,
Cardboard cutouts of the
most popular personalities
What stands out,
Is the way you speak
The words you use
Saying how you feel.

Don’t shy away,
From bringing out your best;
The words you use
Matter more than
Your make-up or your dress…

© 2020 Pavitra Baxi

Header pic: http://www.teltrilogy.com/