March forth, wielders of words!

This week’s post is dedicated to you, wordsmiths! Amidst the chaos and the uncertainty, we only have the comfort of your words. Our body is under a lockdown; the only way to experience the outside world is through your words. Write more — for yourself, for me, for everyone.

Do you feel no one is interested in your words, especially now? I am here to assure you, that I do and I can say it’s true for a million others too.

The streets are empty
our homes are crowded
despair, fear and uncertainty
keeping hope shrouded

A handshake and a hug
A physical connect with the outside world
Is no longer advised or done

Your words:
In bits and bytes,
in print and voice,
bring us together in our isolation

When will it end?
No one knows
Only reassurance is
your words are there

to bring a smile
to help us cope
to make us dream and hope

March forth soldiers!
Protect us,
Distract us,
Engulf us in your words

Now more than ever.

©Pavitra Baxi 2020

This post is a part of #Write52. A commitment to write every week something worth sharing. Find out more: