The magician

I turned 40 last month. It was a weird and wonderful feeling.
Weird because, as a kid, 40 meant an age when you start feeling/acting old. An age where you start to think more about endings than beginnings. Nothing of that sort happened, I am feeling exactly the opposite: younger than ever, more in command and control of my emotions. Just a bit more sorted in the head.
Wonderful because I’m experiencing a phase of “experienced youth”. 40 has turned me into a magician: I am reliving my youth without the insecurities and superficialities.

The past plays tricks on me,
Letting out of its hat,
Just the things I want to see.

Making me believe,
I was cut into half,
When, in fact,
The mirror was playing its

Concealing from Now,
sometimes pain, oftentimes pleasure,
Giving them a different life
and different names altogether.

Unconvinced of my role
I blame it on destiny,
Written by a cruel monster,
Pleasures too few,
And griefs too many.

But the pen is with me,
So is the paper,
I am the magician,
Neither my past,
Not my present,
Not even my future.

┬ęPavitra Baxi 2021

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Languages and Sciences

I recently wrote an article in the ITI bulletin regarding the importance of language learning for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) students.

Merits of language learning are often downplayed, especially for STEM students. Most of them live under this false impression that those good in science subjects cannot learn languages. This is far from true and while I admit that language learning requires time and effort, it is not necessarily an impossible feat.

Here is the link to the article: Languages and STEM

Hope you enjoy reading it.