Freelance translator


Construction Engineering: Company-Internal Standards, Equipment Manuals, Installation and Safety Manuals, Supplier Contracts

Mechanical Engineering: Process Control, Machine drawings, Technical Specifications, Waste Heat Boiler Installation and Safety Manuals

Power Generation: Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plant safety and operation manuals, Switchgear installation and safety manuals, HVDC Circuit Breaker Installation and safety manual, Renewable Energy

IT: SAP documentation, Software Localization, IT concepts: PKI Infrastructure, ITSM Suite, CMDB Interface, Aris Environment, etc.

Automobile Engineering: Supplier contracts, Operating Manuals, Process Control, etc.

Patents: Mechanical engineering, Human necessities, Fixed construction

General: Magazine articles, Advertorials, Experience Letters

Finance: Supplier Contracts, Annual Statements

Medical: Medical Equipment Manuals, Patient Discharge Summaries, Research Articles,

Website translation: Translation done for an ecommerce website selling light fixtures.



Applications Engineer + Translator for Bauer Corporate Services (Indian subsidiary of German construction firm Bauer AG), India

Software development on LabVIEW platform for specialist foundation equipment. Translation of company-internal communication and user manuals.



Applications Engineer for Quantum Age Tech Solutions, India

Software application development on Labview platform for gear monitoring.